Daniele Mazzon &
Paolo Reato

Daniele Mazzon in the cooperation with Paolo Reato Design specialize in the development of luxury designs for yachts and motorbikes; they are famous in Italy by their outstanding works for Ducatti, Pininafarina, Ferrary.
The working experience with the luxury segment leaders allowed the designers to show their skills in a full measure and approved themselves as men of genius in their field.

Cooperation with Caviar Atelier

Since 2015, Caviar has started cooperation with the new team of designers - Daniele Mazzon and Paolo Reato. Inspired by modern cars, the first models were created in the format of performing individual order of Atelier clients.

Mazzon and Reato will extremely responsively accept all of your preferences. Transferred to the smartphone body, they will become expressive symbols of your individuality, prestige and success.

Big working experience

Our clients

Atelier Caviar often become the choice of the most successful companies and famous people not only in Russia, but all over the world. Those who are difficult to surprise, those who have everything - choose Atelier Caviar!


You create your ideal precious smartphone, choosing all the details of its design - color, material, bas-relief, skin - and immediately see the result of your actions. Dare, do it!