Modding is performed on your own phone, which means that there’s no need to spend money on purchasing a new device! Thereafter, Caviar Atelier provides a full warranty to the modding, but not to the phone that you have already been having in use. The designs created within the framework of modding are unique and inimitable and nobody else will have a phone like yours.
You can use an existing design of Caviar as a base, and we’ll make it perfect according to all of your preferences by adding an engraving, name, logotype, changing color, leather, material. You can also create a fully new design coauthored with the artists of Caviar.
After the performed modding work, the phone will come back to you in an elegant brand box of Caviar Atelier.

5 simple steps to the modding on your device.


Leave an application for modding


We draw a sketch and confirm it with you


The courier accepts your device


The Atelier masters complete the project


A courier delivers your device at a convenient time to a convenient place


A precious iPhone, iPad or watch with a unique symbolic engraving of your company logo or symbol is an exclusive accessory that will tell you about the success of your company.


You create your ideal precious smartphone, choosing all the details of its design - color, material, bas-relief, skin - and immediately see the result of your actions. Dare, do it!