Huawei P 30

We’re happy to announce you than now Caviar Atelier is working with Huawei P 30, too! A smartphone with such outstanding technical characteristics is worthy of no less outstanding designs!

For those who were rightly impressed by Huawei innovations, Caviar offers the whole armory of their possibilities to create personal design based on this smartphone.

The experienced designers and experts of Caviar will be glad to use all of their skills and talents: careful and delicate work with leather, encrusting with diamonds, creation of unbelievably realistic and detailed bas-reliefs and engravings, virtuous work with firm carbon or dense gold covering.
Everything you wish to embody your idea!
What can this idea be like? Here, there are no boundaries at all – portraits, unique ornaments, use of your favorite phrases or lucky numbers, emblems, logos, re-creation of the whole picture fragments.
Everything you value, everything that makes sense, what you can stay in touch every day.
Huawei P 30 offered us a perfect camera (it is amazing, it just has no peers!), an optimal size of the device, an acoustic screen and a powerful processor which at that is careful with the energy use, and we offer to create an exclusive dressing for this outstanding achievements.

Our clients

Atelier Caviar often become the choice of the most successful companies and famous people not only in Russia, but all over the world. Those who are difficult to surprise, those who have everything - choose Atelier Caviar!


You create your ideal precious smartphone, choosing all the details of its design - color, material, bas-relief, skin - and immediately see the result of your actions. Dare, do it!