Samsung S10

The premiere of this smartphone amazed our imagination and captured our minds! Samsung S 10 – this is the celebration of the most incredible technologies!

Splendid achievements of the modern time are in your hands: there is both a chic AMOLED display of an impressive size with the incredible picture resolution, and the newest ultrasound scanner, and the power with an Exynos 9820 chipset made according to the 8-nanometer technical process, and three smart cameras, and the internal memory reserve of 128 Gb right off in the basic version.

In this smartphone, all the knowledge, skills, experience, innovations and ambitions of the mankind in the sphere of technologies have been concentrated. But as you remember, Superman had an appropriate suit.
As usual, Caviar Atelier will take care of the solution of this task!
We will embody any designer ideas of you and take all the wishes into account! Carbon, titanium, natural leather of any shades, stable gold covering, precious stones – these are the materials that this techno-genius by Samsung is worthy of!

The skilled hand work – engraving, creation of volumetric elements, encrusting with diamonds –
all our possibilities for the sake of your idea!
Any design you create in the collaboration with Caviar artists will be implemented on the body of this ideal smartphone.

This is probably the best gift for Samsung fans who want to provide the smartphone with its own inimitable character, though!

Our clients

Atelier Caviar often become the choice of the most successful companies and famous people not only in Russia, but all over the world. Those who are difficult to surprise, those who have everything - choose Atelier Caviar!


You create your ideal precious smartphone, choosing all the details of its design - color, material, bas-relief, skin - and immediately see the result of your actions. Dare, do it!